EuroPack About Us.


  • Located in 10th of Ramadan City as a part of the EUROQUARZO GROUP. EUROQUARZO GROUP is involved in a wide and diverse range of business activity. Today, the world gives great importance for packing as the product manufacturers rely both on Quality and Packaging to market their products. Europack established in 1996 to cover the needs of the local and neighboring markets of all sizes and shapes of cans and prettied tinplate needed for many industries, like paints, foods, and other industries. It Consider biggest general line can manufacturing in Egyptian Market, it has a technical staff with extensive experience as well as laborers totaling more than 220 Egyptian employees.
  • Europack is one of the leading progressive Egyptian can-makers equipped with a highly modern facilities for Printing & assembling of cans in varies shape and size, The Company production rang is conical pails, Cylindrical, square and rectangular shapes for packing of industrial products like Paints, chemicals, lubricants as well as for foodstuff and edible oil and also printing on tin plate sheets for other can-makers.

  • We have steadily built our reputation by working closely with our clients and supplying quality cans that suit their requirement.
  • Today, we are one of the most specialized Can Making Company in Egypt & Middle East. Europack have started production 7 years back under the management of leaders in their respective field and to suit the end user’s requirement. In addition to can-making division, Europack expanded its activities to cover printing tinplates for other can-makers.
  • Europack has maintained the philosophy that quality will serve company purpose in the long run . Europack have trained the employees to be quality-conscious, also installed the measures that will always guarantee the customers a consistently world-class quality product at most competitive prices. From the beginning, The Europack has decided to get tinplates requirement only from selected tinplate mills in Europe and Far East. When it comes to ink& coating, Europack have decided to deal with world-renowned ink & coating company producers from Europe with latest technology.
  • Europack turnover for 2003 approximately about 50 million L.E with annual growth of 25 % and expected for 2004 to be 65 million L.E as new automatic line will be add for production of cylindrical can ? 99 for food & paint industrial .

  • Message From Management

    Europack management is solely dedicated to customer satisfaction and has undertaken several innovative strategic measures. These include continually improving the company's product and product range, updating technology and increasing production capacity. The result a reputation for excellence which had placed the factory as one of the leaders in the industry of metal packing closures manufacturing in Middle East's an expression of our gratitude to all those who have trusted us, we resplve to continue improving our performance in the future as our contribution to the development of this country.

    Certified Quality

    EuroPack Has attained the aim of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Certfications that represents an improvement process that will bring the total quality management.

      OHSAS 18001
      ISO 14001
      ISO 9001

    Finaly Europack works for the concept of integrated quality

  • Quality of the product and of the service, for the total satisfaction of the customers.
  • Environmental quality of the production site, for a harmonic living with the community.
  • Quality and safety of the working environment, for the satisfaction of the employees.

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